Hope Begins With a Home


The face of homelessness in Wake County might surprise you. The Wake County school system reports a stunning 56% increase in homeless students since 2010. What's worse, student homelessness is increasing more rapidly with a 27% rise in just two years.

Families Together is the critical link to home for hundreds of families experiencing homelessness in our community every year. We provide access to safe, affordable housing and offer temporary rental and utilities assistance to get the family started. We don't get them through the door. We check in and check up for a year with one-on-one counselling, connections to community resources, financial literacy training, and the life skill workshops to empower their self-sufficiency. Last year we moved 80 families from homelessness to home and provided an additional 100 families with ongoing support after being housed. We're proud to note that 8 out of 10 families successfully graduate from Families Together.

We believe that every family deserves a home and children should never have to wonder where they're going to sleep at night. Through partnerships with individuals, churches, and other organizations are the best hope for families that otherwise fall through the gaps. If you would you like help break the cycle of homelessness visit our donate page and change the life of a child in our community


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