Sasha was in her 7th grade class when her mother suddenly pulled her out. The car was packed and her two sisters were inside. Her father’s violent outbursts had gotten worse at home and Sasha worried it would come to this. Her mom had grabbed what belongings she could and they were leaving that day for good. Approximately 25% of the families served by Families Together are fleeing domestic violence situations.  FT partners with a local domestic violence shelter to move women and children into safe affordable housing that they can sustain. Sasha is now on the college track in high school and dreams of being a surgeon one day.  

Home has a direct correlation to education. Studies show that academic performance, school attendance, and high school graduation rates go up when children have a home.  Education is a key element in a child breaking the cycle of homelessness. Unfortunately the Wake County Public School System is reporting a %27 rise in homeless students in just the past two years. Your support will help students experiencing homelessness get into a safe, affordable home and change a child's life forever!

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Michael Hooker