Give Items

Holding a supply drive is a great way to provide valuable support to the families in our program and get the rest of the community involved.  Engaging with coworkers, your congregation, social clubs and school mates helps us to increase our reach.

Families Together believes you do one thing and do it well.  That's why we do not accept all donations.  We encourage donors who want to donate clothing, housewares and furniture and vehicles to do so at one of our partner agencies that specialize in these types of donations. When we have a family in need we work with these agencies to help families in our program get what they need.


If you are unsure if your donation can be accepted, please email or call 919.307.1892

Welcome Baskets


We all know the importance of keeping a clean house, however for many families in our program the cost of cleaning supplies and toiletries can make them outside the monthly budget.  In an effort to support families as they move towards independence, Families Together provides Welcome Baskets when families move into their new homes.  Through the donations of individuals and groups like you, we are able to help families start off in a healthy environment. This is a wonderful way to make a direct impact on families in our program. You can download the list below and start your own supply drive!

Food Pantry


Families Together strives to support families on many levels as the navigate through the crisis of homelessness and that includes keeping a small food pantry that helps families bridge the gaps that cause food insecurity.  With the help of community donations, we are able to provide food support to families working to make a change in their lives. We keep specific items in our pantry and ask that donors look at expiration dates on items before donating.  We cannot distribute items that are expired.


back to school


As the season changes we work to collect items that families need, but that take a big bite out of the monthly budget.  One of our main focuses is back to school. The cost of school supplies is increasing and for families this expense can be hard just as their new foundation is being set.  Every year we collect new items for children in our program and set up "shop" so they can come pick out their own items.  If you would like more information about this program, please follow the link to sign up!

Holiday Smiles


One of the hardest times for families in our program is during the holidays.  Our Holiday Smiles program matches adults and children with community sponsors.  This is a great way to spread holiday cheer and help families in our program have a very happy holiday.  Follow the link below to sign up to sponsor a family.