So Random


It is always great when someone joins a cause for the betterment of their community. Whether it's doing something for someone else like food delivery to the elderly or something for the community like adopting a highway are fantastic, but they are usually planned in advanced. February 17 was National Random Acts of Kindness day and sometimes being random can make an even bigger impact on people.

Musician Drake debuted the video "God's Plan" on National Random Acts of Kindness day chronicling him taking close to a million dollars and giving it away to a variety of people. He randomly met families and gave them thousands of dollars , and walking into a grocery store paying for everyone's groceries. Drake is an exception because a lot of us can't get a millions dollars to give away, but there are so many smaller things that can be randomly done.

One of the best ways to find opportunities for a random act of kindness is to look at your normal activities. Visiting vending machines, restaurants, paying for parking are all things that gives you the opportunity to pass along a act of kindness. When you visit the vending machine leave money in it for the person behind you, paying for the car behind you in the drive through, or leaving money in the meter are just a few examples of how you can pass along a blessing that won't break the bank. 

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