Keys to a New Home!

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What a difference a year makes!  Last December the unthinkable happened to Nannette and her five-year-old daughter, Neriah when a mix-up with their housing voucher left them homeless. On Christmas Eve, they slept in bunk beds in a crowded shelter with 30 strangers. Nannette has cerebral palsy and walks with a cane but she worried most about her daughter. Neriah is shy. She missed her own room and felt bullied by the older kids. So Nannette did everything she could to keep her daughter safe and focused on school.

Things began to change for the better when Nannette was connected to Families Together and met Corey, her Mentor Advocate. Corey helped Nannette navigate a daunting system while the clock was ticking to use or lose her housing voucher. It took 200 calls to landlords and an extension from the housing authority to find someone who would accept the voucher. Nannette says,

If it wasn’t for Families Together, we would still be in the shelter. Corey is a blessing. She put our best interests first and helped me give my daughter a home.”

Nannette and Neriah moved into their own place in October. Neriah is happy and excelling in school. They look forward to celebrating a simple Christmas at home. Nannette says, “Being appreciative is all I need.” She sends her humble gratitude to everyone at Families Together for making the gift of a home possible.

Donations to Families Together between now and the end of December are being matched. Learn more here.

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