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Families Together has two ongoing supply drives throughout the year.  Our Welcome Basket program and our Supportive Assistance Food Pantry.  

Welcome Baskets

Many people do not know that food stamp benefits cannot be used for essential items such as, shampoo, cleaning supplies, toiletries (including toilet paper) and laundry soap.  For families living at extremely low income levels, sometimes these items don't make it into the monthly budget.  Not having access to these supplies can lead to unclean homes, bodies and clothes which can contribute to poor health and increase the isolation that homelessness often brings.

In order to support families and celebrate their achievement in signing a new lease, we present all families a Welcome Basket when they move into their new place.  Each Welcome Basket is filled with everything the family will need to start off their road to independence clean and healthy!  

In order to meet this need, we depend on Volunteers like you to organize supply drives in your community.  It can be a box at your church or letters to your neighbors asking them to help, get creative and challenge yourself to fill the car with supplies for families in need!  To download a shopping guide, please click the button below.


Food Pantry

Even with monthly food assistance, we often see families that need help bridging the gap.  Often time there are delays in receiving benefits, or the assistance couldn't make it to the end of the month. Sometimes, a family just needs a place to start as they get settled into their new space. In order to support families in our program we maintain a small food pantry.  We keep very specific items so that we can insure that families will receive healthy and balanced staples from us.  

Volunteers in the community that help us to collect these items ensure that families and their children in our program will never go hungry.  Being able to lift that stressor from parents, helps them to focus on making life changes to help their family gain independence.  

If you are interested in collecting items for our food panty, please download the shopping list below.  


Items that we are constantly low on are, breakfast cereals/pancake mix, canned tomatoes, canned tuna/chicken, canned fruits, powdered milk, peanut butter and health snacks to go.