After graduating from Wake Forest University with a BA in Psychology and her MA in Management, Emily was working at a digital marketing company when she decided that she wanted her work to directly impact people.  So she made the leap into the human services field and joined Families Together as a Stabilization Mentor Advocate where she provides access to resources needed for the success of adults, children, and teens in the household after they have been housed.  As a child, Emily aspired to be the first woman to win an Oscar for best director of a film.

My fondest childhood memory is of going to the Outer Banks every year for vacation with all my cousins, aunts and uncles.
— Emily
One of my fondest memories was watching from my bedroom window as my father’s Naval ship returned home and sailed under the Golden Gate Bridge.
— Harriett



Prior to joining the Families Together Team in 2016, Harriet worked in the nonprofit sector for 10 years.  During that time, she oversaw Financial Stability programs. Today, her financial background and expertise are put to good work helping families review budgets and learn better money management habits.  She also provides coaching to help families achieve their goals, as well as connections to community resources for services focused on enhancing self-sufficiency. Finances have been important to her since she was a child as she wanted to be a business owner when she grew up. When not serving families at FT,  you can catch Harriet on the high seas travelling and taking cruises!

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Jennifer has focused her career helping advance child welfare, conservation and social justice causes. Before coming to Families Together, she worked in the DC area for the Ocean Conservancy and Thrive DC and started a non-profit consulting business. As the Development Director at Families Together, she works with the Board of Directors, staff, donors, volunteers and partners to build a growing community of supporters working to end family homelessness in our community. Originally from North Carolina, Jennifer is thrilled to be back and living near so much of her own family.

As a child, I loved going “home” to the family farm in Eastern NC. I got to play outside at night, swim in the creek and listen to the grownups swap stories.
— Jen
My fondest childhood memory is attending our Annual Family Reunion.
— Karen



As part of Families Together Program team, Karen delivers effective supportive services for homeless and formerly homeless families, for the purpose of helping families achieve residential stability. Karen received her BA from Winston-Salem State and later got her MAML and MA in Human Services Counseling Life Coach from Liberty University. Her experience in the human services field spans over a decade as she has held many roles that empower people in need.  The service field is the perfect place for Karen. As a child, she wanted to be a nice and kind person.

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Katrena brings a wealth of experience working with families with children to us starting with the seven years she spent as a preschool teacher and then moving into a leadership role as Youth Program Director for four more years.  As her own family began to mature, Katrena wanted a slower pace and she began working in administrative roles for various organizations and in her church before joining FT.  Katrena is a mom to two teenagers, one adult daughter, two grandsons, and one granddaughter. Growing up, Katrena wanted to pursue a singing career, which is why she loves to sing and write to this day.

One of my fondest childhood memories is of my first day of school. My dad took my hand, walked me to the teacher’s desk and said, ‘Ain’t nothing to be scared of. They just folks.’ My fears quickly went away.
— Katrena
One of my best memories as a kid was when I found a PlayStation 2 under my mom’s bed at Christmas time!
— Kevin



As the Housing Navigator for the Fostering Wellness Collaborative, Kevin is a critical part of the Families Together Program Team. He works closely with our Mentor Advocates to identify appropriate housing opportunities for youth and families that have been in the foster care system. A Durham native, Kevin enjoys photography, and cooking for his two kids. A lifelong football fan, Kevin wanted to be a Green Bay Packer when he was a child.  Now as an adult he strives to live by the mantra, “By any means necessary”.

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Letty joined Families Together with over 15 years of non-profit financial management experience and brings a passion for process improvement and developing win-win relationships between executive leadership, staff and Finance. Letty worked for 12 years with the Marine Corps and was most recently Director of Payroll for East Carolina University before retiring in 2015. She earned her Associates degree in Accounting from Northern Virginia Community College. Letty loves to spend time with her family which includes: her husband of 31 years, adult children and eight grandchildren. Letty also enjoys attending college sporting events, gardening, cooking, kayaking and spending time in the great outdoors.  When Letty was a young girl, she dreamed of being a cowgirl who could do acrobatic stunts on horseback!

Growing up, I loved wearing my cowgirl outfit complete with fringe, a hat, and boots!
— Letty
One of my favorite childhood memories is of Christmas at my grandma’s house - filled with food, warmth and laughter.
— Lisa



Lisa Rowe came to Families Together with over 20 years of management experience focusing on creating, implementing, and improving programs. As a kid, Lisa had dreams of a place in the country where dogs without homes could live, run, and play together. She later went on to obtain her BA in Psychology and an MPA from NC State University. As the ED, she has grown the staff and expanded the goals of Families Together.  In addition, she has worked to enhance diversity on the Families Together board, re-structure/strengthen board committees, and put adequate policies and procedures into place that address things such as HR, risk management, and program issues. She lives in West Raleigh with her two kids and their two dogs.

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Our volunteers are critical to carrying out our mission and they are the focus of Meghan's work.  With 15 years of experience in volunteer coordination, program design, and project management, Meghan handles the recruitment and support of volunteers and the coordination of volunteer activities and donation drives. In addition, she coordinates the Children’s Enrichment program and implements a community outreach strategy to engage and deepen support from key constituencies. Growing up in Phoenix, Meghan dreamed of being a neurosurgeon.

One of my fondest memories is of attending horse camp in the summer where we learned to care for and ride horses. I got first place in the barrel runs.
— Meghan
My fondest memory growing up is from sixth grade when I was the first kid in school to have a pair of LA Techs - the shoes with the lights in them. It was a big deal.
— Michael



A Raleigh native, Michael is personally invested in Families Together’s mission to move families experiencing homelessness to independence. As the Development and Communication Coordinator he provides coordination and support of Development, Marketing and Communications, as well as organizational administrative support to the office.  After spending the majority of his career in Parks and Recreation in supervisory positions, he decided on a career change. Michael received his BA in Sociology from Shaw University and that led him to interning in the Development Department at the North Carolina Theatre. Growing up in North Carolina, he idolized Michael Jordan and wanted to be on the design team for the Air Jordan Brand.




Nellie is responsible for the management and supervision of Families Together programs and daily operations of our Short-Term Family Housing facility. After graduating from Shaw University, she entered into the health and human services field holding positions with responsibility for  direct service and program management in a career that has spanned 30 years. Her background and experience help ensure that our programs are operating according to FT's policies and funding requirements.  

My earliest memory as a child, is of my mother caring for others within and outside of our neighborhood. My mother was often called the Walking Missionary!
— Nellie



Crystal is the Families Together intern for the 2017-18 academic year. After receiving her BS from UNCC, she entered into the MSW program at NC State.  She comes to FT with seven years of child care experience, and has done qualitative research with the juvenile justice system.  Extremely family oriented, Crystal is excited to work with an agency that addresses family needs. As a child, Crystal dreamed of being a veterinarian. Now she dreams of helping families thrive.

One of my fondest memories is our family vacation to Disney World in 2002.
— Crystal