The Road Home

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We love sharing stories of families who have successfully traveled the hard road from homelessness to home. Although we love all our stories, Reshena's is a special one.

Reshena and her family were referred to us while they were living in a hotel. It was her, her husband, and three sons (two with special needs). With the help of her Mentor Advocate and supporters like you, Reshena and her family were able to find housing. Unlike many of our clients whose obstacles lessen when they are housed, Reshena's problems seemed to increase.

Within a short period of time she split from her husband and lost her job. With the biggest blow coming when renovations from a flood caused their living situation to become unbearable and working with the landlord became very difficult. But Reshena's resolve would not let her and her family fall back into homelessness.

With encouragement and coaching from her FT Mentor Advocate, she reached out to the City of Raleigh where they determined the home to be uninhabitable and recommended that she move immediately. With the help of legal aid Reshena was able to work out a settlement with the landlord, and she and her family moved into a much nicer home.

While dealing with her new housing crisis Reshena entered into electrocardiogram school. Families Together was to able pay for her tuition, books, and exam fees with funds from an amazing donation from BB&T. She walked to the library whenever she needed to study, until her Mentor Advocate reached out to The Kramden Institute and was provided her own computer!

Even while dealing with the challenges of her living situation Reshena maintained a 99% average in school. On June 26 she passed her national exam and plans on applying to local medical centers immediately.

We are so proud of Reshena and how she never gave up! She faced her challenges and came out the other side better and stronger, and we are glad to have been a part of her success.

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