Creating Good

Conference Face.jpg

What do you see in the picture? Not that there is a wrong answer but the creators of this work of art hope you see a face. Development team members Meghan and Michael attended the Create Good Conference held in Durham by the BC/DC Ideas.

On day two the keynote speaker was artist Noah Scalin who gave us a glimpse into his creative process. Inspired by his skull artwork he challenged everyone to create a face with the items that they handy to them at that moment. Oh, and he only gave about 2 minutes get it done. With a bag, business cards, keys and a phone charger this is what Michael and Meghan created, they are proud of their work.

Attending this conference gave Michael and Meghan insights, strategies and tactics that create successful campaigns and movements. They got valuable information straight from fellow nonprofit communications professionals. Now they're inspired to fight harder for our mission!