Never Too Young

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We recently had a special donation come in from an exceptional group of kids. This got us to thinking about the youth volunteers who are allies of Families Together and we want to share some stories about the youth allies that we have helping us take families from homelessness to home.

We were contacted by Kelly Ramp earlier this month with the coolest origin story about a donation we received. 5th graders at Harris Creek Elementary were given the assignment to research local nonprofit organizations. After finding a organization they wanted to support, each group gave presentations about them. Then a vote was taken and Families Together was the organization that won the vote. Then they produced a fundraiser selling cookies and raised over $230 for us! Meghan and Michael went to meet with the students were they had a awesome time speaking and answering questions.

Grace Biddell is a Girl Scout who connected to our after-school program. She comes to educated our students onsite about the importance of extracurricular activities as they lead to better behavior, decreased dropout rates, and higher self-esteem. Although her interactions are with our kids, her message is for everyone as she states "adults can get involved in small groups, book clubs, recreational sports which can be pre-organized or created by you and your friends!" Thanks Grace for educating us all!

Delaney is another one of our young philanthropists who spends time uplifting others in her community. She has ran her own food drive for Families Together for the past few years.This past Thanksgiving she dropped off a truck load food. Her mother Donna said "I've started getting calls from the neighbors asking when is Delaney going to start collecting food." She is truly a great example and we are glad she is an ally.

These are just a few of the outstanding kids that has joined our mission. We are so grateful to have them as allies!

Michael Hooker