Tim's Story


It was the middle of the summer and Tim and his family were returning to their motel room after a day out. His mom inserted her key and nothing happened. They couldn't afford another night, so the manager had locked them out with their belongings still inside.  With nowhere to go Tim, his mom, and five siblings were left to roam the city until they settled in a public laundromat where they spent the night. 

With the temperature reaching 100 degrees, Tim and his family walked to the Families Together office looking for assistance. Fortunately, we had an apartment available and our team could act quickly to get them in our program. We moved Tim and his family into a safe, temporary home at Families Together that very day. Tim now has a warm bed to sleep in and a playground where he can run and have fun. He also participates in our After School program where he gets help with homework and enjoys fun activities like making smoothies. His mother has benefited as well. She is now consistently working with the goal of getting her family back to independence. 

Stories like this are the motivation behind the 2017 Let’s Face It Fall Campaign. You can give our community’s children a place to call home and an opportunity to thrive. Join us!

When you give today the Stewards Fund will match your donation making your impact even greater! Your $50 donation becomes $100; your $100 donation becomes $200 and so on. WHAT A DIFFERENCE YOU CAN MAKE IN THE LIFE OF A CHILD!

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