Give someone a lift, Be a volunteer driver!

Welcome to the Ride Together Program!  We are excited to have you on board.  If you are looking for a rewarding way to help out the community this is for you.  

According to studies lack of reliable transportation is the single biggest factor to keeping people in poverty.  Without a way to get around families are forced to rely on small corner stores for food and supplies.  These stores are often more expensive and offer less healthy food than a standard grocery.  Adults are also limited in their employment choices, which can make increasing their income impossible.

The Ride Together Program aims to match volunteer drivers up with families in our program to provide rides for everyday basic needs like, going to the grocery, getting to and from work, medical appointments, job interviews.  Through our app, built by Code the Dream, volunteers will be matched up with riders according to the volunteer's individual schedule.

When you’re ready to Ride Together there are a few steps we need you to do in order to get signed up. First step is to fill out the Volunteer Driver Application located on this page.  Once filled out we will contact to you collect additional information we need to complete a full background check (criminal and driving record).  All drivers will need to have the following documents on file.

Applicant Additional Requirement Checklist:

  • Driver’s license
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Personal Vehicle Insurance
  • Volunteer Acknowledgment Form
  • Background Check Authorization Form

Thank you for you interest in this groundbreaking opportunity to engage in our community in a way that has a major impact on families working towards independence.