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Founded in 1980 as Pan Lutheran Ministries by a small group of individuals from Lutheran Churches who came together to address a concern for families in crisis, our organization has grown and evolved over the years. Originally the organization provided a place to stay for low-income, out of town families who had a critically ill member of the family in the hospital but soon we were providing housing for homeless families.

Early in our history, our focus was long-term transitional housing which included intensive case management and life skills training for families experiencing homelessness. About 10 years ago, we added Short-term Housing where families would live for 3-4 months.  

In 2012, we developed a new program focused on rapid rehousing that moves families directly from temporary living situations, or from other shelters, into housing. Rather than having families move from shelter program to shelter program, we focus on stable housing first.

Today, Families Together is the largest nonprofit in Wake County dedicated to permanently housing homeless families.


Our vision is of no homeless families in our community. We accomplish this by moving families in Wake and surrounding counties from homelessness to stable homes through mentoring, housing support and connecting to community resources.

We believe every family deserves a home, and children should never have to wonder where they’re going to sleep at night. That’s why we connect families to a stable home as quickly as possible so they can begin the process of bettering their lives. Children experiencing homelessness are more likely to drop out of school, be exposed to violence, and face a host of mental health and other issues. So keeping families together during this traumatic time is critical for their success as well as the community’s.

We value services that are:  Empowering, Inclusive, Responsive, Compassionate, Family-driven, Advocating, Respectful, Innovative and show Integrity.

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Lisa Rowe
Executive Director

 "Home is life." - Shoan

"Home is life." - Shoan